We always have 18 flavours available, we keep a good mixture of gelato and sorbet, and we are constantly adding new flavours. So, please look at our gelato cabinet to see what is new.

Our gelato is freshly made from premium-quality natural ingredients
with no preservatives added.

  • 1 SCOOP £2.50
  • 2 SCOOP £3.50
  • 3 SCOOP £4.50
  • 500 grams (takeaway only) £10
  • 750 grams (takeaway only) £16
  • 1 kilo (takeaway only) £18.50


Our sorbets are a refreshing delight. Not only are they made from gorgeous fresh fruits and other natural ingredients, they are quite dense and low in sugar so they taste great and don’t melt too quickly. Take a look at our counter for the latest flavours.


Treat yourself to one of our indulgent sundaes. All come with whipped cream and a biscuit straw.

Oreo Craze

Three scoops of Oreo gelato, Oreo cookies, and luxury Belgian chocolate


Toffee taste with layers of chocolate, vanilla gelato and caramel sauce

Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher and vanilla gelato in a smooth hazelnut sauce

Chocolate brownie

A chocolate brownie with a scoop of nutella and chocolate gelato, whipped cream, mixed nuts, luxury Belgian milk chocolate and topped with a fresh cherry

Banana split

A scoop of vanilla, chocolate brownie and chunky strawberry gelato, sliced banana, mixed nuts, luxury Belgian chocolate and topped with a fresh cherry


Strawberry gelato with layers of vanilla, fresh strawberries and topped with a strawberry drizzle

Hadi’s Sundae £6.80

Three different flavours, three toppings in a smooth chocolate sauce and whipped cream

Faloodeh £5.00

Thin rice noodles in a semi-frozen syrup containing gelato and rose water

***Allergy Advice: All our products may contain traces of nuts, gluten &
milk. Please notify our staff of any allergies so that we may advise you